Study Coaching - Get Certificate From ICI

Study Coaching - Get Certificate From ICI

Study Coaching - Get Certificate From ICI
09 - February - 2022 - 27 - April - 2022

Duration: 20 Days over 12 weeks

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Life Coaching with MG office + online


لمن بهمة أمر تحسين جودة حياتة او التأثير الإيجابي فى حياة من حولة.. لكل من يحتاج الوعى الإدراكى من اجل تحسين: - العلاقة مع نفسك و مع من حولك. - دراسة مكونات النفس البشرية لإدارتها بوعى - جودة التعاملات و تربية الاولاد - إدارة الذات - المهارات القيادية و الإدارية فى العمل - مهارات إدارة العلاقات الإنسانية - جودة افكارك - العلاقة مع الحب الإلٰهى - التعامل مع تحديات الحياة - التوازن النفسى - السلام الداخلى - و كمان ممكن تكون كوتش معتمد من ICI؛ الجمعية الدولية لمؤسسات الكوتشينج، برلين، المانيا، (و دة فى حالة لو اشتغلت على نفسك فى التدريبات على مدار الشهرين، ونجحت الإختبارات و نجحت فى الامتحان التحريرى فى آخر الدورة.) حنبدأ الدورة بأذن الله ي لمدة 12 اسابيع. يومان أسبوعيا. من 6م الى 10م ايام الثلاثاء و الأربعاء من كل اسبوع. ماذا ستتعلم ؟ مكونات الدورة: - اجزاء و مكونات النفس - النفس العميقة وقوانين العقل الباطن - قانون القبول و الإسلام لأمره الله - قوانين النمو و الوعى - ماذا يحفزنى داخليآ؟ لماذا و كيف؟ - ما يوترنى و ينغص صفائى وسلامى النفسى - دراسة الخوف و مخاوفى و كيفية التعامل معها. - دراسة الغضب و ما يغضبنى، كيفية التعامل مع الغضب. - كيف يعمل العقل و اساسيات أو اخطاء التفكير. - اللغة و اختلافنا فى استخدام الحواس. - نظام المعتقدات عن نفسنا و عن كل ما حولنا؛ كيف نكون معتقداتنا. - العقل الباطن، مستوياته و برامجه. - القبول و الإسلام لأمره الله. - الطفل بداخلنا، و كيف تم تكوينه. - التوتر - الإيجو أو "الانا" المزيفة. - الظل و ما نخفيه و وندفنه داخل النفس.

If you are SERIOUS about your own development, about HELPING people better their own lives? 1- Get your Coaching Certificate: "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" International Association of Coaching Institutes, Berlin, Germany (92hrs+) 2- For those who want to work on their consciousness and self awareness to help them in: - Parenting - Relationships - Leadership skills - Self Management and - Gain a Balanced Peaceful Life. With: Mohamed S. ElGhandour Conscious Development & Leadership Coach & Coach Master Trainer, ICI HOW..? You will get to know: - Components of the self. - Your deep self d the subconscious mind. - The law of Acceptance - Growth Models - What motivates you - What stresses you - Your fears - Your angers ---- Location: ? OFFICE +ONLINE When: ? Duration: for 12 weeks (20 workshops) 2 times/week every Tuesday + Wednesday 6.00pm - 10.00pm (Cairo Local time) Written EXAM date: 6-10pm Cairo Local time. + (3/4 weeks time to study and prepare the case studies) Topics will cover the basic tools to understand (the self components) How the mind works: - Understand why you do what you do? - Why people do what they do? so you can manage your own life, manage your own stressors, & manage your relations with people around you. 8 Seminars topics: ----------------------------- Training content of: "Fundamental Coaching Skills, ICI" • To work ecological within the professional ICI frame of ethics e.g. working within the map of reality of the coachee, ethical standards in Coaching, Coach-Coachee contract, stages of coaching • Personal congruence, presence, awareness and state management e.g. changing emotional states professionally • To develop ecological outcome (goals, targeting, self-initiated) e.g. SMART (NLP) • Questioning techniques (incl. gathering information) e.g. from a problem frame to an outcome frame, SCORE (NLP) • Backtrack and Feedback (incl. verbalising emotional experiences) e.g. differentiating clearly between perception and interpretation, free from value judgements • Empathy and flexibility e.g. 1.2.3. position (NLP) • To distinguish between analogue (body language) and digital communication e.g. working professionally with in-congruences • To use body language consciously and outcome orientated e.g. Rapport (NLP) • Self-consciousness of the role of a professional coach e.g. inner sponsorship (Dilts), critical self-reflection - GET TO KNOW THE BASICS The road ahead.. Where are we? why? How the mind works? The 3 Thinking Mistakes How we think, that we think!! - "THE LANGUAGE" we speak effect on us. What is Your REPRESENTATIONAL SYSTEM. Which of your senses do you use. To the self or to others. Programs. Feelings. Energy vibes. - The "BELIEF SYSTEM"? Know your Beliefs. What you learned about: Yourself, about others, and about everything in life. How it limits us? Or empower us? - "THE SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND". How we are all programmed. How all programs are running subconsciously. - "ACCEPTANCE" What & How is the way of the world? Why acceptance. The Law of duality. The Law of 3 relation to acceptance. How we polarise what we don't accept. - The "INNER-CHILD" Formation and structures of the unconscious patterns. Pain bodies formations & dynamics. - "STRESS" The road Forward to inner peace. Why? When? Where? How? How to bring peace. - The "EGO" What's the Ego, in Philosophy, psychology, spirituality. How it forms our personality. How it makes us suffer. How to manage / befriend the ego as a clever wntiry. - The "SHADOW" What do we hide from the world. What is projection. How, why, when do we project onto the world? How to befriend our shadows. - Systems Theory How everything work on a system. Family systems dynamics. Systems autopoiesis effect on human behaviour.


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Investment USD: 1,650$
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Early bird Deadline: 09 - December - 2021

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Booking Notes: ** Investment 1,650 U$D inside Egypt LE 25,000 (100hrs = workshops + Practice, inner work, cases & collective support on sharings and guiding the group) FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED BEFORE the course ** Available Payment options: 1- Super Super early bird: one time payment (U$D 1,210) Local residents LE 18,750 ENDS (15 April, 2021) **** (Non refundable) 2- Super Early bird: one time payment (U$D 1,290) Local residents LE 20,000 ENDS (30 April, 2021) **** (Non refundable) 3- Early bird: One time payment (U$D 1,520) Local residents LE 23,500 BEFORE May 7th 2021 **** (Non refundable) ## Instalment schedule 1st - April 15th LE. 10,000 (650$) 2nd - April 30th LE. 5,000 (340$) 3rd - May 1st. LE. 5,000 (330$) 4th - June 1st. LE. 5,000 (330$)

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